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Ultimate Anti-Ageing


90 minutes$1050 for 3 sessions | $2100 for 6 sessions


Recommended for: all skin types and conditions, especially dry/dehydrated, ageing, acne- and pigment-prone skin

This facial treatment offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience by seamlessly blending a selection of well-loved facial techniques. It is meticulously crafted and aims to deeply cleanse, revitalise, hydrate, and promote a radiant glow while stimulating collagen production. It is a beloved choice among our clients, cherished for its ability to combat signs of ageing and improve overall skin health and appearance. This treatment provides a gentle alternative to lasers and is specifically designed for individuals who seek a fast and natural approach to enhance their appearance.

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The treatment:

The treatment consists of five steps:

  1. Sapphire microdermabrasion
    This gentle exfoliation technique is used to cleanse and purify the skin. If necessary, light extraction of pores may be performed.
  1. Mandelic acid peel
    A mandelic acid peel is applied to soften and renew the skin, promote acne healing, and reduce pigmentation.
  1. Forest MD Asta Collagen Jelly Serum
    Combining lymphatic drainage and red light therapy, this firming and collagen-stimulating serum deeply penetrates the skin, promoting firmness and reducing inflammation.
  1. Pressurised oxygen infusion
    A pressurised infusion of hyaluronic acid and vitamins for deep hydration and rejuvenation follows a mist spray of Stem Cell Repair Essence.
  1. Bellalux LED treatment
    The treatment finishes with gentle yet powerful LED lights to stimulate collagen production, enhance healing and encourage the regeneration of new skin cells.

Expected results:

Expect to attain supple, firm, and deeply hydrated skin while enjoying a relaxed mind. The harmonious effects of removing dead skin cells and stimulating collagen production work together to restore a more youthful appearance. With no healing time or special post-treatment care, this facial treatment offers a convenient and hassle-free self-care experience. Regular sessions provide long-term anti-ageing benefits and serve as an essential self-love ritual.

Recommended frequency:

Once every three weeks


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