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Forest MD Introduces The New Liquid Exfoliant

01 March 2024

Clear, smooth skin begins with clean skin. And one way to achieve that translucent, luminous clarity is through regular gentle exfoliation. Many DIY exfoliants scrub, slough or peel away dead skin cells and clogged pores with some form of friction. Sensitive and combination skins often suffer under these harsh exfoliation techniques.

So our doctors at Forest MD decided to create an exfoliation products that gently refines the skin, no matter what skin type, and is benign even when used during pregnancy or nursing.


Our new Liquid Exfoliant, a gentle potion of niacinamide, gluconolactone, lactic and mandelic acids, safely exfoliates without noticeable peeling. Formulated to unclog pores and address acne, it also evens out pigment irregularities and skin tone.

With regular long-term use, skin appears renewed, more youthful and more radiant..
Suitable for all skin types, especially acne or pigmentation-prone skin. This product can also be used on the body, chest or arms to smoothen skin, target keratosis pilaris, or fade pigmentation marks.


Smooth on a coin-sized amount of this refining lotion two to three times a week before your regular bedtime moisturiser, and gently clear out pores, slough off dead cells and boost skin clarity while you sleep!

With key ingredients  such as niacinamide, gluconolactone, lactic and mandelic acids, this product safely exfoliates the skin without any abrasion or noticeable peeling. These ingredients have ant-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that keep the skin clean while sodium PCA helps lock in hydration and prevent dry patches. Meanwhile, vitamin B3 and centella asiatica help boost DNA repair and calm irritation.

Ingredients list and efficacy can be found here


After cleansing, apply a coin-sized amount of the Liquid Exfoliant to your face and neck using your fingertips, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on, then continue with your usual evening skincare routine. Regular exfoliation is essential for healthy and breathable skin, promoting skin clarity and radiance. For optimal results, use two to three nights a week, and follow with your favourite sleeping mask and moisturiser.

The bonus: the Liquid Exfoliant is safe for use even during pregnancy or nursing.


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