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Celebrate Earth day with Forest MD

12 April 2024

At the heart of every Forest MD product lies a profound respect for nature’s wisdom and bounty.

As a Singaporean-owned and operated company, our commitment extends beyond creating skincare solutions that are “Powered by Nature, Backed by Science.” It’s about fostering a harmonious relationship with the environment that sustains us.

This is why for each regular-size product or set purchased, we donate $1 to support Nature Society Singapore (NSS), a homegrown cause dedicated to preserving Singapore’s natural heritage.



A Shared Vision for Conservation

By supporting NSS, Forest MD contributes to vital conservation efforts to preserve Singapore’s rich biodiversity in resonance with Forest MD’s core values of harnessing the power of nature responsibly and sustainably.


Why Nature Matters to Forest MD

Forest MD’s products are a testament to nature’s healing and rejuvenating powers.
These natural components are meticulously selected for their ability to protect and heal our skin.

By choosing Forest MD, our customers not only invest in their skin’s health, they also contribute to the cause of nature conservation.

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